40 million Americans have errors on their credit reports. Are you one of them?

We always recommend Lexington Law for Credit Repair Services.  Their process is easy, simple and proven.  They have helped millions of Americans fix their credit woes and they continue to be the best in class provider for this type of service. Sure, you can battle with creditors, and credit reporting agencies yourself…or you can let Lexington Law help put you on the fast track to credit health.


  1. My credit score is not going up.and is not looking good for me at this point I have a bill collecter that want me to pay a electric bill of almost 2,999

    1. Hi Edwin,

      The sad truth is that it can take years to really build credit and it can be destroyed almost overnight. If your credit is damaged you can start buy going thru your credit report and remove anything you think may be inaccurate. Please check out our road to good credit series.

    2. I wouldn’t pay off any derogatory marks on your credit. Just build good credit w secured or high interest rate or crappy credit cards and get w Lexington law or sky blue I have used both and got major changes and got a total visa 89.00 processing fee but to build once my score got around 550 560 then a credit one and secured capital one for 200.00 and now I’m a year later my secured was refunded 6 mos ago and my limit is up to 1000.00 now w my cap 1. Let old stuff fall off. Good luck get w Lexington it’s like 100.00 mo. But if put my money w them before paying off old debt that won’t go away even when you pay it good luck

  2. I want all bad reports removed and I have to pay for it?There should be away to remove them with out me going in more debt to do it.

    1. Hi Jacqueline,

      Thanks for you question. The simple answer is no…you can dispute these if you believe they are incorrect. Some companies like Mint and Credit Karma have tools that allow you to do this and they are free of charge.

    2. Be careful w disputing yourself I did and it bit me in the butt 2 i shouldn’t have disputed ended back up on my credit report as late payments recent from years ago I like sky blue and Lexington good luck

  3. My credit has improved, however I would like to get a loan to pay off all credit cards and another loan. Just pay one payment. But with the amount of loan I need ,I am having trouble getting a concalidation loan that even comes close to what I need . I’ve been in good standing for a long time. But no one will give me the chance to get the loan.

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