The Good

The Milestone credit card was designed for people with less than perfect credit who are looking to build or rebuild their credit health.  As such,  your likelihood of approval is better than most credit cards out there.  In addition, it reports to the major credit bureuas so making on-time monthly payments will have a positve impact on your credit score.

The Bad

Credit cards for bad credit carry higher APRs, extra fees.and have low credit lines.  This card is no different.  It should be used sparingly and you should maintain a low balance.  DO NOT use this card to pay off a balance on another card!  Use this card responsibly and you will be rewarded for your efforts when your credit score climbs ands unlocks cards with better rates, lower fees and higher credit lines.

Criteria For Approval

Underwriting for credit cards varies from company to company and card to card so we can provide no guarantee of approval even if you meet these criteria….but gennerally:

  1. You should have a source of income
  2. If you have recieved credit in the past for a home loan, car loan or personal loan and made on-time payments, it could help.
  3. You need a credit score of no less than 520

The Verdict

The fees and APRs are in line with the rest of the cards in this category.  The Milestone Card has been around for many years and has solid track record of customer service.  Odds of approval are currently better than competition.  If used correctly as stepping stone towards credit health, the Milestone Card may just be for you.


  1. I applied and get approved but I need 500 in credit, is no too much but I need it ,Milestone please get me that credit.

    1. Hi Hector,

      Increases in credit line come over time. You really have to think of these credit cards as tools or stepping stones to help you expand your credit history in a positive way. Continue making on-time monthly payments and you will get approved for higher credit limits.

  2. i have applied several times and still haven’t been accepted and my credit score is 563 so why can’t i get one

    1. Hi Kelli,

      Generally we suggest only applying for a credit card once every 6 months. If you are not getting approved then it is safe to say there is something in your credit file that the underwriters for that specific card do not like. Every card and every company has different underwriting so it’s difficult to say.

  3. If the credit has no information on a person, why are they treated like they have low credit score? I am in the oil and gas producing business since 2013 never missed a bank payment never late but denied here for small amount. Perhaps you can check with first American bank and check my pay history on past credit line.

    1. Hi Steve,

      The good news is no credit is not the same as bad credit…it’s much better. Credit is like your word. If you have never made good on your word than you never develop trust. This si the same with credit and lenders. It sounds like you have excellent spending habits. Building a good credit history will take some time but you can do it!

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