Personal Loans for Less than Perfect Credit

A lender that promises a simple, 4 step, online approval process for people of all credit types.  I know…it sounds to good to be true.  But don’t be to quick to jump to any judgements.  These guys have been around for quite some time and have helped literally millions of people get personal loans.  Their process is somewhat unique in that they help to match you with several lenders at once so you don’t need to apply with lender after lender.  We have heard good things thru the grapevine about these guys.  Check them out and feel free to report back to us here.  We always love getting honest feedback.


    1. Hi Susan, is not a lender but we try and find lenders tailored for our customers. This article featured a company called Guide to Lenders. They specialize in helping people with all types of credit.

  1. every link leads to another broker. it’s like a rabbit hole. I don’t think the lenders actually exist..

    1. Thanks for the feedback Michael! Good to know. We will try and feature some direct lenders moving forwards as well. Many of our customers complain about having to apply in multiple places…so we thought this offer might have been a good fit.

  2. I try to rebuilt my credit. Please help me to build my rcredit back .. i need help from you.
    Thank you

    1. Hi Hung,

      Please start by reading our guide to good credit. In addition, you should also pick thru your credit report to make sure it’s accurate and report anything that looks out of line.

    1. Lashondra,

      We are not a lender…just a comparison site for financial products and services. I would be very careful taking out a loan to pay your bills as you are just creating another bill to pay.

    1. Hi Anthony,

      Building credit can be tough…it takes time. Sometimes alot of time….yet it can be destroyed in an instant. Get a secured credit if you can’t get approved for anything else and be sure to make on-time monthly payments. If you do that…your score WILL climb. Be steadfast in your efforts…and most importantly, thank you for your service.

  3. Hi. Im trying to pay either half or all taxes. Almost6 months at job, not top out pay yet. After taxes im set to breathe again. THANKS..


    1. Lori,

      Before taking out a loan to pay taxes please call the IRS. Usually they will work with you to come up with a payment plan to pay those taxes.

  4. I want a company who actually does debt consolidation. Is this you? I need to pay off my loans and actually consolidate into one payment. I don’t want to talk about how I got myself into this, I already know that. I do not want to default or not pay my debts, I just need to put them in a package I can manage. Thank you

    1. Hi Barbara,

      We are not a lender or a debt consolidation company. The company we recommend is Freedom Debt Relief. They have been doing this for a long time.

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