TOTAL VISA® accepts applications from people who are interested in looking for a true VISA® credit card that does not require perfect credit for approval. People who want a fast application process with a response provided in seconds. People who want reporting to all three credit bureaus.


Our users have reported very good success as far as getting approved with this card. Once again, this is a card for bad credit so expect higher than normal fees, APRs and lower than normal credit limits. If you are responsible with your credit usage, it can help your credit score.  The bottom line…if you are having trouble getting approved for a credit card, and if you make on-time monthly payments…The Total Visa® Credit Card may just be for you!


  1. I heard or read that if the card doesn’t have the hologram on it is not accepted at most retailers— even if it said VISA on it — is this true?

    1. Holograms are a bit of a legacy security feature as today they can be replicated easily. Most of the security today happens on the digital side. The holograms still appear on many cards as they have become synonymous with various brands such as Visa and Mastercard.

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