All the Convenience and None of the Hassle

Prepaid cards get a bad rap sometimes.  No, they are not unsecured credit cards…i.e. you must load your own money onto the card to use them.  However, they might just be the solution many of us are looking for.  They have all the convenience of a standard credit card and none of the credit hassles.

  1. No credit check!  If you have bad credit, you should seriously consider a prepaid card.
  2. Use it just like a regular credit card!  Withdraw money, pay bills, make purchases, etc.
  3. Earn Rewards!  Many prepaid cards offer rewards programs similar to other major credit card issuers.  Why not earn rewards on your daily purchases.
  4. You can’t hurt your credit.  Since you use only the funds you deposit onto the card, you can’t get yourself into credit trouble with a prepaid card.  Impulse control issues?  This may be a great solution for you.
  5. More buying power.  With most unsecured credit cards for poor credit you are limited by a $500 credit limit.  This is a real pain when you want to make a large purchase or go on vacation.  With a prepaid card you can load several $1,000s to ensure you have money to make purchases.

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