Yet Another Lender that Promises Credit for all Credit Types

Monevo helps consumers find an unsecured personal loan to meet their needs. Their state of the art technology provides consumers with personalized loan offers from the major online lenders, helping you to save time and money. With no cost and no impact on your credit score to check loan rates, Monevo provides a fantastic way to search and apply for a personal loan. All credit considered, with APR’s as low as 3.49%.

So What are the Requirements?

Before applying we recommend that you meet the basic eligibility requirements below.  We try and provide these with our offers, so you are not wasting your time and you aren’t having your credit pulled if you have no chance of getting approved.

– You must be an American citizen or permanent resident over the age of 18
– Have a working email account
– Have a bank account where funds can be deposited

The Bottom Line

Do they live up to their claims?  Early results look promising.  Many of our members have been approved for loans and that number is increasing every day.  Are there any guarantees here…absolutely not!  Also keep in mind that a low credit score and a troubled credit file will result in higher APRs and lower loan amounts.  Finally, as with all loans, please read all terms and conditions thoroughly and be sure you have a rock-solid repayment plan before you ever apply so that you don’t end up on the dreaded credit hamster wheel.


  1. I like this idea. But I don’t think I would qualify. I have all the requirements. I have gotten in pretty deep with debt this past year

    1. Karen,

      If you are deep in debt, DO NOT take out another loan. Think about debt consolidation though. Often they can negotiate down your balances and combine your payments into one.

    1. It’s possible Rory…but it may be difficult. Credit is a score of trustworthyness in the eyes of lenders so the ability to pay it back is not the same as the willing intent to pay it back in a timely manner. Hope that helps!

  2. If you have filed for bankruptcy over a year ago can you qualify for a unsecured loan to build up your credit?

    1. Dionna,

      That’s really a lender specific question. It really depends on your credit report and your financial history. Sometimes, even with a hardship like a bankruptcy, you can qualify if you have a long record of paying bills on time.

    1. Hi Ronald,

      Could you be more specific as to the problems you are experiencing navigating the site? Any details you could provide would be helpful.

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