Did you know?

  1. According to Fortune Magazine, Warren Buffet has a credit score of 718.  That’s right, the world’s richest man has far less than perfect credit!
  2. Only 1 in 200 people has perfect credit.  If your score is less than perfect…you are not alone!
  3. Frank McNamara, the creator of the first credit card called Diner’s Club, thought credit cards were just a fad.  He sold his share of Diner’s Club for $200,000.  Ouch!!!
  4. In 2012, 40% of households depended on their credit cards to pay for basic living expenses.  This number is likely higher today.
  5. The average household that’s carrying credit card debt has a balance of of roughly $15,000.  In 2001 it was roughly $4,000.  A truly troubling trend.

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